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Shipping Policies

Shipping Policies & Acknowledgement Procedure

All shipments are UPS Ground Service. If alternate transportation is requested, cost will be calculated and you will be informed of the applicable charge.

For low density products, shipping cost are calculated by transportation companies based on container dimensions, hypothetical weights and distance between departure points and destination points defined by zip codes. Hypothetical shipping weight is not necessarily actual weight. All shipping companies calculate cost by converting package volume to an equivalent weight by using a government approved empirical formula for domestic shipping (V = L " x W "x H" x 194).

Confirmation of your order will include shipping cost, which will include any fuel surcharges and special charges if any, for residential or some rural locations.

Your acceptance of charges and authorization for alternate shipment must be received prior to shipment.

Deliveries will not be made to P.O. Boxes.

For shipping outside the Continental U.S., additional cost for customs, etc. will be charged accordingly.

Magna-Mat® products are also available at 1799 Akron-Peninsula Road, Akron, Ohio for pick-up. Please call first so we may process your order for no waiting pick-up.