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About Magnetic Therapy

Type of Magnets and Placement is Critical

Help Your Pet Recover from Arthritis or Hip Dysplasia with Magna-Mat® Magnetic Therapy

What Is It?

Magnetic therapy has been helping humans for hundreds of years. Now this revolutionary treatment is available for pets. Magnetic therapy is used to bring relief and healing to almost any illness or injury present in dogs, cats, or other warm-blooded animals. It is a method of applying a magnetic field to the body that sends weak electrical signals to cells, which influences their interaction with ions. These signals initiate biological reactions, which accelerates the healing process and promotes pain relief from arthritis or hip dysplasia.

Magnetic Strength and Gauss Rating Factors

Ceramic unipolar magnets, each with a Br rating of 3950 gauss and surface gauss rating of approximately 800 to 900 have been determined to provide the best therapeutic results. Br is a magnet's intrinsic or internal magnetic field. Gauss determines the speed in which the magnet works (or the number of flux lines per unit area). Flux lines are invisible lines of force emanating from a magnet. A 3950 gauss rating occurs at zero air-gap and with no demagnetizing forces present.

Importance of Multiple Magnets and their Placement

The size and placement of unipolar magnets determine the optimum magnetic field and are important factors in magnetic healing. Proper spacing is crucial for the magnets to work together correctly and form a complete circuit among themselves and throughout the body. For best results, based on calculations and experimentations, Magna-Mat® uses only unipolar magnets which are 1" in diameter and 1/8" thick called Ceramic Button magnets. These magnets are spaced 5” from each other and no more than 3/4" to 1" from the top surface.

Magnet Position is Critical

While there are many applications for magnetic therapy, using the north (negative) pole is the predominant use for pain relief. All reactions of an injury, pain or illness produce an acid/low oxygen state in those tissues where the injury, pain or illness is being manifested. Negative magnetic energy alkalinizes (which is the normal state of cells and tissues), oxygenates and normalizes cellular metabolism. Exposure to negative pole magnets encourages healing by pulling alkaline/high oxygen and nutritional fluids into the affected area.


  1. Increasing blood flow
  2. Relieving pain
  3. Attracting oxygen and increasing tissue oxygenation
  4. Reducing bone and tissue degeneration
  5. Reducing inflammation and swelling
  6. Promoting a sound and restful sleep


  1. Magna-Mat® products are designed and recommended solely for animals in need of magnetic therapy.
  2. Magnetic therapy does not claim to cure any disease or illness. It is an effective alternative to surgery or medicine.
  3. For more clinical information from Dr. Allen M. Schoen, DVM on Magnetic Therapy and integrative Holistic Animal Health Care, visit: www.drschoen.com/articles_L1_09.html.

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