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Magna-Mat® magnetic pet products are configured in three forms: mattress/beds, pads and kennel/crate mats. Small, ceramic button unipolar magnets with a gauss rating of 3950 each are strategically positioned, north (negative) pole side up and secured between two layers of foam. The mattresses/beds and pads are designed with a polyurethane, open-cell foam base and are encased in a removable polylambswool cover. These covers include a rustproof zipper and are hand or machine washable. The kennel/crate mats are enclosed in a waterproof, navy blue, polyester cover that is not removable, but easy to clean. Simply use soap and water and wipe dry.

Note: For best magnetic therapy results, use as directed. When washing cover, be sure to replace properly and ensure that unipolar magnets are facing negative side up.