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Kennel/Crate Mats

Kennel/Crate Mats

Benefits of Magnetic Therapy:

  1. Increasing blood flow
  2. Relieving pain
  3. Attracting oxygen and increasing tissue oxygenation
  4. Reducing bone and tissue degeneration
  5. Reducing inflammation and swelling
  6. Promoting a sound and restful sleep

"Wow! Our 14-year-old collie 'Teddy' is back to chasing squirrels again after only about 2 months of sleeping on the Magna-Mat® Kennel Mat.."      

Mr. D. Risner

Cypress, CA.

  Item Code Item Price Sale Price Magnets Size Weight
Add to Cart Large Kennel/Crate Mat (FRKM-2436) $107.99 $86.39 35 Large(24"x36"x2") 6lbs
Add to Cart Medium Kennel/Crate Mat (FRKM-2230) $75.99 $60.79 30 Medium(22"x30"x2") 5lbs
Add to Cart Small Kennel/Crate Mat (FRKM-1522) $63.99 $51.19 15 Small(15"x22"x2") 4lbs