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Magna-Mat® magnetic pet products are configured in three forms

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When your pet is lying down, measure its body length from the base of its tail to the tip of its nose.

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"Does your dog or cat suffer due to arthritic conditions, hip dysplasia, muscle or bone injury? If so, your pet doesn't have to suffer any longer!"

Welcome to Magna -Mat®

Magna-Mat® is the only magnetic / orthopedic pet product line of beds, pads, and kennel mats that incorporates strategically positioned unipolar, ceramic, button magnets secured between two layers of polyurethane, open cell foam. This exclusive construction combines the comfort of foam with the pain relief generated from magnetic therapy.

  • Promoting a sound
    and restful sleep
  • Reducing inflammation
    and swelling
  • Increasing blood flow
  • Relieving pain


  • Promoting a sound
    and restful sleep
  • Reducing inflammation
    and swelling
  • Increasing blood flow
  • Relieving pain


Comfort Pads
  • Promoting a sound
    and restful sleep
  • Reducing inflammation
    and swelling
  • Increasing blood flow
  • Relieving pain


Kennel/Crate Mats



Listed below are the comments of some of Magna-Mat®'s satisfied customers. If you have had a good experience with one of our products, or have any suggestions for improvement, please let us know. We here at Magna-Mat® are always striving to enhance the quality of our products to improve the quality of your pet's life.

"Our dogs absolutely love your Magna-Mat®! They try to out-manuever one another in order to be first to curl up on the one we have..." Click here to view actual letter

-Steve & Jill Flinn, Glasgow, MD.

"I was a skeptic. However, when my 13 year old dog came down with serious back problems I took a chance and ordered a magnetic mat. That was 5 months ago. Since then she has exhibited new energy and the signs of arthritis have diminished considerably. I attributed her renewed vitality to your product. Thanks."

-Bill Lawrence

"Our two English Bulldogs love their Magna-Mat®s!! We appreciate the extra covers we purchased for each bed so there is no down time with the dogs usage while washing the covers, there would have been a problem otherwise! They're on the beds all the time, expecially the older bulldog. It appears that the joint movement has improved and they have more energy.

Thanks for a great product... we are recommending your product to all our pet lover family and friends."

-Debbie & George Lothes, Akron, OH.

"I want to congratulate you on the success of your magnetic pet beds. Although a relatively new concept in veterinary medicine, there is no doubt that Magnetic Therapy can play a unique role in the relief of pain in arthritic pets…magnetic therapy has reduced the amount of medication needed and, in some cases, eliminated the need for oral or injectable medication…" Click here to view actual letter

-Dr. Steven Hicks, Akron, OH
Akron-Medina Veterinary Hospital, Inc.

"We decided to try the Magna-Mat® and we're very pleased with the results. Heidi loves to lay on her mat and we can definitely tell a difference in her activities. She is much more active since we purchased the Magna-Mat® for her. We would highly recommend this product for all pet owners who want to provide a happier and more healthy life for their pets…" Click here to view actual letter

-Harold G. Goble, Mesa, AZ

"I bought my Mom's aging (He's 11) Siberian Husky a Magna-Mat® and purchased one for my 13 year old cat--They are feeling their best thanks to all the Magnets--I personally use magnet therapy for myself and when I found out that there are magnetic pads created solely for animals, I knew that I needed to get them some too!! Very effective for our older aging pets--it seems to make them feel a bit younger!!! Thanks for a great product!!!"

-Kelly S., Denver, CO

"We wanted to avoid surgery if possible, so we bought him a Magna-Mat®. I had used magnets before for my fibromyalagia (like arthritis), so I was impressed with the medical quality and specifications of the Magna-Mat®, as well as its sturdy construction and workmanship. And we were not disappointed. We put it in his crate, and with only a few nights' sleep he was no longer limping…" Click here to view actual letter

-Dana Beck, Blackwell, OK

"Enclosed are pictures of my dogs enjoying their beds. There is no doubt in my mind that they really love them and I do believe that they help with old age and joint problems…They sleep deeply and snore loudly…" Click here to view actual letter

-Marlin J. Stulo

"She (Missy Sue) suffers from a very bad neutering job that she received by an animal clinic when she was found as a stray…After the first night's sleep on her new bed, my husband and I could not believe how active she was. She started running up and down the steps…trying to get us to chase her around the house. It was amazing. I regret that I deprived my cat of this bed's therapy by putting off getting one for so long." Click here to view actual letter

-Anita Kelly

"Heidi is a 9-year old Doberman Pinscher who weighs almost 100 pounds. We have had her to the vet numerous times for a severe case of arthritis in all of her lower leg and ankle joints. We had heard about magnetic therapy, and decided to stop the medications and try the therapy. Within about three weeks, there was a noticeable improvement in her movements…She is not as lethargic as she was, and brings her toys for us to throw again…" Click here to view actual letter

-Judie Snivley, Akron, OH

"I ordered a 'Feel-Rite Magnetic Pet Bed' for her about three months ago and have been amazed at how she had improved only sleeping on it at night. Even her vet has been pleased by how much better and how much more walking she is doing now…"

-Shirley Kinzy, White, GA

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