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Kennel/Crate Mats

Kennel/Crate Mats

Benefits of Magnetic Therapy:

  1. Increasing blood flow
  2. Relieving pain
  3. Attracting oxygen and increasing tissue oxygenation
  4. Reducing bone and tissue degeneration
  5. Reducing inflammation and swelling
  6. Promoting a sound and restful sleep

"Wow! Our 14-year-old collie 'Teddy' is back to chasing squirrels again after only about 2 months of sleeping on the Magna-Mat® Kennel Mat.."      

Mr. D. Risner

Cypress, CA.

  Item Code Item Price Sale Price Magnets Size Weight
Add to Cart Large Kennel/Crate Mat (FRKM-2436) $107.99 $86.39 35 Large(24"x36"x2") 6lbs
Add to Cart Medium Kennel/Crate Mat (FRKM-2230) $75.99 $60.79 30 Medium(22"x30"x2") 5lbs
Add to Cart Small Kennel/Crate Mat (FRKM-1522) $63.99 $51.19 15 Small(15"x22"x2") 4lbs

The Magna-Mat® Kennel/Crate Mat is constructed for rough use in kennels and crates. The interior consists of small, powerful unipolar magnets strategically positioned and secured between two layers of high quality, polyurethane, open-cell foam. The outer cover is made of durable, water-resistant, navy blue polyester that is not removable, but easy to clean.

Research shows that many show and work dog breeds are prone to arthritis and hip dysplasia. The Kennel/Crate Mats are ideal for traveling dogs and show breeds because they can receive magnetic therapy treatment on the road as well as at home.